This page isn't complete because this idea isn't complete. I decided to make holidays based on all the dnd cleric domains. Don't have all of them yet though.

Holiday titles marked with * are considered placeholder titles and may be subject to change.

Knowledge Domain

Scholar's Day*:

Your typical "SCHOOL GOOD. HAVE SMART." holiday. Celebrating the ideal of knowledge and learning. Traditionally, schools try to schedule graduation ceremonies on this day.

Life Domain

Festival of Life*:

It's, well, a celebration of life itself. Whether that's ongoing life, or new life (which would make this part-fertility celebration). It's a fun time. Dancing, singing, the kind of partying your church would be down with.

Death Domain

Festival of Death*:

Held on the exact same day as the life domain holiday, this holiday is basically a murder party that evil people celebrate. Because the death domain is explicitly evil.

Look, if you want a nice portrayal of death gods go to the damned grave domain. Wimp.

Light Domain

This section intentionally left blank.

Twilight Domain

This section intentionally left blank.

Nature Domain

Festival of the Wilds*:

I have no goddamned clue what this would be. Nature clerics are basically diet druids, so take that into account I guess.

Tempest Domain

This section intentionally left blank.

Trickery Domain

Fool's Day:

This holiday is also a party, like life domain, but less responsible. Fool's day is celebrated with costumes, pranks, games, and carnivals. Probably drinking, too. Dress up like the state of california, down 3 mugs of ale with Skittles floating in them, and wrestle a cow. Anything goes. It's just having a good time. Fun for fun's sake.

War Domain

This section intentionally left blank.

Forge Domain

This section intentionally left blank.

Grave Domain

Day of Remembrance*:

It's a holiday about honoring the dead. Probably something with like making little shrines to your deceased family and leaving gifts on it. I don't know.

Arcana Domain

This section intentionally left blank.

Order Domain

The order domain has no holiday. But you're free to joke about the next company outing being the "order domain celebration" to your coworkers at the water cooler. Just make sure to get back to your cubicle soon, I need those forms filled out by five.

Peace Domain

This section intentionally left blank

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