Magic the Gathering: Chair of Ruerue

Chair of Ruerue is a fan-made Magic: the Gathering expansion and story originally spawned from a friend saying "Chair of Ruedraine" as a joke. I decided to make it.

The Story

War has broken out. Two factions across the multiverse have engaged in a conflict that will be seen everywhere. The countless tribes of goblins scattered through creation, against the ancient and malicious Time Clowns. But nobody will be particularly affected by the outcome of this war, save for the clowns and goblins themselves. The fact of the matter is that no matter who wins, nothing important will change as a result. But everyone is watching anyways. Not out of concern or fear, but for entertainment. It's like wrestling. In the grand scheme of things, the outcome is cosmically pointless. But it's entertaining.

The Factions

Apparently each of the five mana colors needs to have its own faction in each expansion, so here they are.

Okay but who actually wins?

After who cares how long, the war seems to be coming to a close. The goblins have had their numbers whittled down, and those that remain have been backed into a corner. Victory for the Time Clowns is certain.

Then, all at once, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, every single Time Clown instantaneously dies at the exact same time. The goblins then declare themselves the victors.

The Cards

You know, because Magic: the Gathering is a card game. There needs to be cards.

New Mechanics:

These are mechanics that are introduced in Chair of Ruerue.

TODO: Cards that need to be made.

These are cards which exist only as "I need to make this"

Cards that need polish:

These are cards that have been at least partially made, but are either unfinished or need changes. Most of them, I've just yet to decide their cost. But not all of them. I'll let you know what the issue is if it's not that.

Ruerue, Clownkeeper

Blue aligned, undecided mana cost. Planeswalker.

I'm still struggling to figure out how to achieve what I want with this card. I want it to fit with the lore of "collects clowns from you, and rewards you for giving him a bunch", but I also want it to actually be a good card that works well with whatever the gimmick for Clowns are.

Ajani's Hotdog Stand

White aligned, undecided mana cost. Artifact.

(2 colorless) or sacrifice a +1/+1 counter from a creature you control: Create a Hotdog and attach it to a creature you control.

Hotdog Eating Contest

Red/White, undecided mana cost. Sorcery.

Select a creature you control, and a creature controlled by another player; the controllers of those creatures may then exile any number of cards from the top of their library, then put that same number of Hotdog tokens onto the battlefield attached to that creature they control. Those creatures then fight.


Red/Blue aligned maybe. Undecided mana cost. Aura enchantment.

Enchant creature. Enchanted creature becomes a red 2/2 Goblin creature, and cannot lose the Goblin or Creature type while enchanted. It retains its other card types and creature types.

This was basically gonna be frogify but for goblins, but I also wanted it to be beneficial to cast on your own creature in certain situations, and it eventually reached this where it's just plain too niche to really be useful for anything. Needs to be reworked into something simpler.

Actually Completed Cards.

These are cards I'm actually satisfied with as they are currently and consider basically done. There's not gonna be a lot of these.

Goblin Rider, Goblin of Justice

(X colorless)(1 colorless)🔴/⚪2 🔴/⚪

Legendary Goblin Creature.

Haste, Convoke, Echo3.

You may Convoke other creatures you control to pay Goblin Rider, Goblin of Justice's Echo cost.

When summoned, Goblin Rider gets +X/+X


Blow Your House Up

(2 colorless)🔴🔴🔴

Common Sorcery

Choose an opponent. Destroy a basic land they control and a creature they control of the color the land produces

"If I can't blow it down," Said the wolf "I'll have to blow it up instead!"

Bigger Wall

(2 colorless)

Common Wall Creature


When Bigger Wall enters the battlefield, and there is one or more Wall creatures in play, it gains +0/+X, where X is the toughness score of the wall currently in play with the highest toughness.



  1. I made a version of myself for both sides, since I couldn't decide which side I'd take. On one hand, I like clowns and love being evil. On the other, I like goblins and hate being evil.
  2. Meaning you may choose to pay either 🔴 or ⚪
  3. This includes the added cost of whatever you decided X equals when playing.

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