Korg, The Caveman


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Korg the Caveman, while once having had a never-used character sheet for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, is the closest thing I think I have to an OC that isn't just a DnD character, seeing how I no longer have his sheet.

He is a human being from the stone age that got frozen in ice and then thawed out in the "modern"1 day, when everyone and everything he'd ever known was long since dead and forgotten.

What? What the fuck?

I mean, think about it. He clearly lived during the stone age, which historians believe started about 2.6 million years ago.2 Even if Korg's life was towards the end of it, humans do not live that long. This means that when Korg was eventually thawed out, the world had changed massively.

Now, I want you to really think about how long 2.6 million years is. That's tens of thousands of generations. Korg probably didn't have kids, but even if he did, any descendants they would have had certainly wouldn't know about their ancient connection to him. And clearly, technology, culture, and even language are going to change over that time as well. When he gets thawed out, Korg is a complete stranger to the world, eventually just enough of the local language to perform simple communication3.


I don't have tons decided about Korg's home tribe. I know they were stone age, and probably not exactly huge. Decently sized, but not huge. The only other thing I have is how their names work. In Korg's tribe, you have at least two names over the course of your life. When you are young, you are given a name. Probably by your mother. This is the first name you will bear. Eventually, you will grow older until your coming of age ceremony is held. During this ceremony, you cast off the name you were given and choose one for yourself. Which is what Korg did. He chose the name "Korg." It means something in his native tongue, but I haven't decided what. Also, they used honorific suffixes. Though I only have one decided.

Oh, and Korg did have a wife. Her chosen name translates to "Bear", though I don't know what the caveman word for that is. The honorific Korg would be expected to use when referring to her would roughly translate to "Wife"4, meaning Korg would call her Bear Wife.


  1. A fantasy world, actually. I still want to be able to use him in a DnD game someday.
  2. Source
  3. Caveman talk.
  4. Technically it's more like "spouse", though in this context it's effectively the same as "wife"

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