Nim, the Fated

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Nim the gnome. He is wearing a large tan hood over an indistinct grey-green garment. He has a large blonde beard, covering everything beneath his nose. Everything above his nose is obscured by the hood. He has a pinecone stuck to his hood. He is visually identical to Lore the Quirky, a creation of TheGnomeMakers on Etsy.

Image taken from TheGnomeMakers on etsy

Originally made for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, Nim is a Forest Gnome druid1 with the ability to predict the future. His clan is perpetually threatened by this one very angry beast, which they constantly have to hide from. He often speaks very casually and bluntly, though doesn't always think about what he's saying. If you lack not only critical thinking skills, but also taste, feel free to compare him to Dave Strider from Homestuck. Or maybe JUICE from 17776. That would be better, I think. Though Nim is probably a little less crude. Was JUICE all that crude actually? Whatever.

An Ancient Grudge

Long ago, a forest gnome did something that angered an incredibly powerful dark beast. At the same time, a gnome from the same clan (possibly even the same gnome) began having visions of said beast destroying their entire clan. They used this to avoid such a fate, since it's easier to change the future if you know what's coming. But every time they did, the future would invariably change to the beast finding them in a different situation, usually later in the future than before. Eventually, this seer had a child with the same abilities2. And then a grandchild, and a great grandchild, and so on, reaching all the way to today.3 Unfortunately, this is as much detail as is known for certain, as facts have been forgotten and misremembered over the generations as the oral history was passed down.

Nim Himself

Nim was the next in the line of seers. Unfortunately, Nim's visions invariably began with the beast discovering him specifically. This led to Nim deciding to exile himself from the clan. After all, if the beast will always get to him first, it'll be harder to get to the rest of the clan if he's not with them. He somehow found himself in the large port town of Rosecliff, which had until recently been closed off. He met a firbolg4, and together they took on a suspiciously well-paying diplomacy mission in The Feywilds from a local rich jackoff. Turns out, the rich jackoff was lying to them, and the adventurers who were expecting to act as diplomats were instead told they needed to retrieve the Cups of Seasons for the two queens of the feywild. They agreed, and the play-by-post campaign this took place in died soon after as the DM stopped updating it.


  1. Circle of the Land. Forest variant, specifically.
  2. They did not lose their abilities as their child's developed, to be clear. They both could see the future.
  3. If a seer never had a child, the gift would suddenly appear in whoever of the next generation was more closely related to them. (E.g. a niece or nephew.)
  4. Actually an Aasimar, but neither of them knew this. Everyone playing knew, but in-character nobody knew. Except maybe god.

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