Wallace Black

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A picture of Wallace Black. He is a short, caucasian boy with pointed ears and red hair. He is wearing a pointy red hat with no brim, glasses with large circular frames, a scarf, and the Abelon Academy of Adventuring school uniform. It consists of black shoes, dark grey dress pants, a white undershirt, a gold tie, and a red overcoat. He is also holding a book in his right arm.

Art by LoopArt

Wallace black is a rock gnome cleric, originally made for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. This page will discuss him in the various stages of his life.


Wallace Black was unfortunately born to an upper-middle class, white, conservative, religious nuclear family. He was the second child of the family, the first being his older brother Jack. Jack was rebellious, and loved the Rock and Metal genres of music. Mr. and Mrs. Black did not appreciate this, as they were the type to believe that Rock and Roll was the devil. His parents were white, religious, conservatives who hated eachother but refused to get a divorce. The rest is left for you to assume. Jack remained Wallace's primary role model, ensuring that he at least questioned his parents rather than immediately internalizing their beliefs and treatment of others. From his parents, Wallace would inherit their religious beliefs, becoming a worshipper (and soon, a cleric) of the peace goddess Eldath, basic knowledge of engineering1, and a fear of expressing anger. From his brother, Wallace would inherit his love of music, though he wouldn't pursue becoming a bard like his brother did. Wallace would bond very closely with his brother, with an understanding that his parents probably aren't very good people.

Physically, Wallace is particularly small, even for a gnome, and will remain so until late highschool. Speaking of highschool...

The Actual Campaign He's From

in 1999, the beginning of Wallace's Sophomore year of highschool, he transferred schools to Abelon Academy of Adventuring, a private boarding school with a focus on preparing their students to become adventurers. However, on the literal first day of school, the school would come under attack by a magically-induced snowstorm2 and various ice-based monsters. This of course resulted in a lockdown, where he'd meet his close friends Fameth Hestburn, a satyr bard, and Harbor Brook, a half-elf fighter3. Fameth would convince a small group of students, among them Harbor, to break lockdown and go out into the courtyard. Wallace was forced to come along, as Fameth literally picked him up and brought him with. When he was put down, Wallace stayed with the group in hopes that he could keep them from dying using his healing cleric magic. Fameth almost died anyways and everyone but Wallace got in trouble4. Afterwards, the group ended up sticking together anyways, with Fameth actively wanting to be friends with Wallace.5 The attacks continued, including ice wraiths, remorhaz eggs, and eventually the discovery of at least one night hag seeming to mastermind all of it. Once the hag was discovered, administration deemed it neccesary to move the student body to Green Oaks Academy, a boarding school across town, while the hag situation at Abelon was dealt with. It was here they met Matias, a satyr warlock6. Matias assisted them in uncovering a group of three students, forming an elemental-worshipping, night hag-summoning doomsday cult. Matias infiltrated them for information, and eventually the whole group discovered the base used by the Hags, where they were kidnapping children and draining them of whatever magical abilities they might have so that they may summon the Piranoth7. The group fought, and was nearly killed by, the hag coven, before one of them sacrificed themselves to finish the ritual, summoning the Piranoth. Matias took a magic circle drawn by one of the hags in the courtyard, and modified it to be a teleportation circle, which the Piranoth was lured into. The circle teleported it to a big pit of lava. This was the end of the campaign.

Centuries of Adventure

After being traumatized by the events of the campaign, Wallace would go on to graduate at Abelon, moving on to pursue further religious study. Specifically, Wallace would pursue traditional Eldath-worship, as opposed to the gentrified version he was raised on. During this time, he would also improve his abilities in engineering. Eventually, he would decide to finally become an adventurer. And this is where there isn't very much lore set up. What is known is that he purchased a camper van, and lived in it while he travelled the world going on various adventurers. Also, at some point during all of this, he lost his arm and had to get a prosthetic. He would also realize that he was nonbinary. More will be added as I decide to actually make lore for this.


Eventually, in his mid 400s8, Wallace would retire from adventuring a wealthy old geezer. As his retirement plan, he'd start a store in a small town named Pointy Hat Toys & games. It would sell, well, toys and games. Games ranging from family night classics like Monopoly and Sorry to whatever ttrpgs exist in this setting, since real life is already the fantasy genre, and toys both brand-name and hand-made. He'd eventually meet an old orc by the name of Saccharine, who would have a small artisinal hard candy store built into the side of Pointy Hat. He and Wallace are very much in love.

Random Trivia


  1. Specifically, Wallace could be taught this skill by his father in an attempt to pursue "traditional" rock gnome skills. During the DnD campaign, this was represented by the rock gnome racial trait "Tinker".
  2. It was summer, so this was especially odd.
  3. These were the characters of the other players. There were two others, but they stopped showing up when they missed a few sessions and were too afraid to come back.
  4. "They physically picked me up and brought me with them" "That sounds entirely plausible and like something that you would never have had the chance to escape. You get off scot-free."
  5. Fameth recently emigrated from the feywild, where everything is awful and things that are cute are usually incredibly dangerous. Wallace is objectively cute.
  6. A player who joined in later on in the campaign, after we actively looked for a fourth player.
  7. This may seem out of left field, but we had figured out someone was doing something with this thing. Also, it was homebrewed somewhat so that it was just a giant ice monster rather than the big earth elemental it is in The Forgotten Realms or whatever setting its from. Who gives a shit about the lore WoTC writes anyways?
  8. The lifespan of a healthy gnome can fall anywhere between 350 to nearly 500 years.
  9. This remains true for nearly his entire life

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