Fan-Made Jojo Stands

Over the years, even before I ever actually watched Jojo, I've made my own OC stands. There's exactly five of them that I have. This page probably won't have all of them, but I wanna share them with folks.

An image of the fan stand, Birdhouse In Your Soul. It is a stock image of a bird, tinted blue. Next to it are its stats, using the same graph used in the show. It depicts Birdhouse in your soul as having a D in power, a B in speed, an A in range, a D in durability, and a B in both Precision and Potential. The stand user is stated to be "Me. It's my stand. It's for me."

Birdhouse In Your Soul

We're going to start with one of my rejected self-insert stands. It's a little fucked up.

Named for the song by They Might Be Giants, Birdhouse In Your Soul takres the form of a bird with a blue color scheme. It's a long-range remote stand, eaning that it autonomously carries out given instructions once activated by the user instead of being actively controlled. This comes at the cost of the user not actively knowing everything it does, only when it has reached its target. Being a bird, it does not perform well in close-quarters combat. However, using its abilities, it can ideally avoid combat altogether.


Emotional Manipulation

When Birdhouse In Your Soul is locked onto a target, it grants the user influence over the victim's emotional and psychological state. This influence grows the longer the victim is affected, until the user effectively has total control over the victim's mental state. Birdhouse In Your Soul typically needs to stay near its target to maintain this effect.

Potential yet-to-be-achieved abilities:

Reaching further strength as it approaches its full potential, it could perhaps eventually gain the ability to make changes that persist permanently, even after Birdhouse In Your Soul leaves.

Yes, I know in the song it's supposed to be a bluebird. That would be too on the nose for even my tastes, and a bird of prey works better for jojo anyways.

An image of the fan stand, Sleepyhead. It is shown as a paper sketch of a humanoid from the torso upwards. The torso is covered in several of the letter Z. The head has two seams on its face going behind its eyes, and a large closed third eye on its forehead. There is a screw going into the top of its head, and the head has some sort of aura surrounding it. The stats next to it rank it as having a D in power, a D in speed, an A in range, a B in precision, and a B in potential. The stand user is stated to be Dan Boyo.

Sketch of Sleepyhead provided by Usagi


Since one person usually gets just one stand these are gonna go to people with names from NES-era baseball games originally made in Japan.

Named for the song by Passion Pit, Sleepyhead isn't particularly strong or fast, putting it at a severe disadvantage in close combat. As such, its user Dan Boyo primarily uses it to prevent his foes from retaliating, or even attacking in the first place.



Sleepyhead can affect people in a fairly large radius (which can be focused down to a smaller area of effect if need be) by playing a lullaby from... itself, pretty much. Those who hear it find themselves getting increasingly more sleepy until they, well, sleep. Usually doesn't take long without very active resistance.


Much like how it can bring people to sleep with its lullaby, Sleepyhead can wake anyone sleeping in a radius around itself by setting off a loud alarm coming from the same place the lullaby does. You can't sleep through this alarm, you always immediately awaken. There doesn't need to be anyone nearby sleeping to set off the alarm, but you'd have to be pretty creative to find a use for it in that case.

Potential yet-to-be-achieved abilities:

Man I dunno, maybe it'll learn to look at your dreams. Not to do anything, since that niche was already filled in Stardust Crusaders, but it could look.

An image of the fan stand, Hardware Store. It is a green circle with an eye in the center, and several exact replicas of it are swarming in the background. Its stats list it as having an E in power, a B in speed, a B in range, a C in durability, a C in precision, and a B in potential.

I actually drew this one. You can tell because it was visibly half-assed.

Hardware Store

Named for the song by Weird Al, Hardware Store is a swarm of little green balls that are, by their very nature, extremely versatile as a stand. Though both it and its user Mike Truk lack experience in direct combat, its capabilities can be terrifying if the opponent doesn't know their full capabilities.


Object Creation

Being small, the green balls that make up Hardware Store are not very powerful individually. Together, however, they can fuse their forms to create nearly any object with an equivalent mass to all the balls involved in the fusion. This limits what it can create to having the equivalent mass of the entirety of the swarm. This fusion cannot be undone, making the items created by Hardware Store permanent.


As it cannot revert to its prior form when creating objects, Hardware Stand is constantly slowly regenerating its numbers when the swarm is below a certain size. With focus, the user of this stand can speed up the process. But it cannot reach beyond its maximum swarm size.

Potential yet-to-be-achieved abilities:

Maybe... it could just regen really quickly sometimes? Or have a large swarm size, possibly? Man, I dunno. I really oughta stop adding this section.

That's all I have right now. Bye.

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